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First Nation post-secondary education is not a social policy, it is an Inherent Treaty right.

First Nations post-secondary students need the right supports to accomplish their education goals. The AFN is now working on a collaborative engagement initiative with aspiring, current and recently graduated post-secondary education students. This effort will give voice to First Nations lifelong learners, create space for Champions of Change and help develop key findings and recommendations to shape First Nations post-secondary education policy and to appropriately direct funding.

The AFN is holding a national Call for Stories from First Nations students and learners. The students and their stories will help garner support for enhanced and sustained investments for First Nations post-secondary education.

Please submit your story using either of the following weblinks:

The AFN especially welcomes stories from First Nations students who have

  1. Not attended post-secondary education due to lack of funding, described through a number of barriers, such as:
    • A student who really wanted to be in a specific profession but there was only funding available for certain programs
    • Students who have had to drop out of their program or faced financial struggle due to funding only being available for their first year
    • Students who received funding but only for tuition and could not find living accommodations
    • Students who left school and returned without funding available
  2. Attended post-secondary education but struggled due to lack of funding or supports, such as:
    • A student who attended post-secondary with either limited or no funding who also experienced medical or learning needs
    • Single parent who attended school and required more funding for childcare
  3. Successfully attended post-secondary education with funding, such as:
    • A student who has attained post-secondary with sufficient funding and has made an impact on their Nation with the education provided (e.g. Registered Nurse or teacher etc.)
  4. Successfully attended post-secondary education without funding.

Call for Stories ends on January 19, 2022. Additional updates will follow as the AFN continues outreach for these First Nations student stories.

For further information, please email [email protected].


The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) education sector aims to gather stories from First Nations students, aspiring students, graduates, and individuals who have attended First Nations post-secondary institutions (FNIs) and mainstream institutions within the past 5 years to learn about their educational experience and the supports required to succeed at post-secondary.  

Interested in supporting? You are invited to share your experiences with post-secondary education. Complete the form below for a chance to win an Apple iPad!

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