National Indian Education Council

The National Indian Education Council (NIEC) was established in May 1983 and was approved by the Chiefs-in-Assembly.

The mandate of the NIEC is to use technical expertise and knowledge of grassroots and First Nations education to advise the Chiefs Committee on Education (CCOE) and the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) on education matters relating to First Nations on a national level.

The NIEC also assists the CCOE in the development of new funding mechanisms for First Nations Education that support First Nations development of a holistic, culturally–responsive, high-quality education for First Nations Students for joint collaboration.

Working Groups

The NIEC has also formed sub-committees called working groups to focus on editing specific First Nations education policies:

Education Partnership Program

The NIEC working group is recommending changes to the current Education Partnerships Program to reflect the policy proposal on transforming First Nations elementary and secondary education to advance First Nations student achievement in First Nations provincial and territorial schools

Education Infrastructure

The NIEC working group co-develops and works collaboratively to identify and address opportunities to modernize Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) education infrastructure policies and priorities that would align with First Nations Education Transformation, the unique needs of First Nations students, and take regional differences into consideration.

Post-Secondary Education (PSE)

The NIEC PSE working group is working on implementing the First Nations post-secondary education policy proposal and all associated work related to that and First Nations Control of First Nations Education.

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