Chiefs Committee of Education

The Chiefs Committee on Education (CCOE) was established in February 1984 and approved by the First Nations-in Assembly

The mandate of the CCOE is to provide political direction, advice and recommendations on education matters affecting First Nations to the National Chief and the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) Executive Committee, and the AFN Education Sector. While a national body, the CCOE will pass recommendations through a regional lens.

The CCOE objectives are as follows:

  • Advocate for the protection of education inherent and Treaty rights and advance First Nations jurisdiction over First Nations education.
  • Establish and carry out effective communication and liaison strategies with First Nations and other networks.
  • Provide political and strategic advice regarding First Nations educational matters to the National Indian Education Council (NIEC) and AFN Education Sector as well as to the AFN Executive Committee.
  • Pass recommendations on the work of the NIEC and the AFN Education sector.
  • Identify and address issues concerning First Nations education.
  • These objectives will be carried out within the mandates of AFN Charter and resolutions passed by First Nations-in-Assembly.


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