Empowering First Nations Persons with Disabilities and First Nations Governments on Distinct First Nations Accessibility/ Disability Legislation

The AFN has been gathering the views of First Nations persons with disabilities (FNPWD), First Nations governments and others on distinct First Nations accessibility/ disability legislation.  This effort links to Bill C-81, the “Accessible Canada Act” passed on June 20, 2018; and passed second reading on September 26, 2018.

First Nations

The Government of Canada led an engagement with Canadians in 2016-2018 to develop the Accessible Canada Act. In parallel, the AFN engaged with FNPWD and First Nations governments, among others on AFN mandated work in building distinct First Nations accessibility legislation.

The AFN has undertaken a number of activities to engage FNPWD and First Nations governments to inform Distinct First Nations accessibility legislation, including several surveys, workshops on cross-cutting issues, and key informant interviews. The three national webinar/links on the AFN website continue to attract thousands of viewers.

On-going engagement with First Nations includes discussions on the following themes:  employment, procurement, service delivery, transport, the built environment, information, communications and/or other themes identified by First Nations.

Issue Updates

Need for First Nations Accessibility (Disability) Supports

October 2018

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