NSERC CREATE Program for Water and Sanitation Security on First Nations

on July 23, 2013

CREATE H2O trainees will be in high demand for employment in the water and wastewater industry in Canada. The program, in particular, will ensure secure community water systems in northern and remote communities and enhance aquatic ecosystem services. CREATE H2O graduates will assist First Nations, manufacturers of water and wastewater treatment systems, engineering and environmental firms and government policy analysts at a crucial time when First Nations drinking water regulations are coming into effect for the first time.

The CREATE H2O program for water and sanitation security is designed to address research science and training gaps that are preventing effective, culturally appropriate investments in water and sanitation security on First Nations reserves. We aim to reduce the $4.7 billion that would be required to bring drinking water and wastewater infrastructure for all First Nations reserves up to safe standards using current technologies and approaches.

The CREATE H2O program will be the first science-engineering research training program in Canada that combines technical water and wastewater management training with Indigenous theory, law and methodological skills training.

The program will train at least 51 undergraduate and graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, 20% of whom will be Aboriginal.


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Angie TurnerNSERC CREATE Program for Water and Sanitation Security on First Nations