AFN Youth Council

Operates as a 20 member council with one male and female First Nation youth representative from each of the 10 AFN regions

The AFN National Youth Council (AFN NYC) operates as a 20 member council of First Nation youth from each of the 10 AFN regions.  Each region appoints one male and one female representative, selected by regional youth councils or their Regional Chief. The 2 Co-chairs of the Youth Council are Darian Lonechild and Jean-Sebastien Vollant Shikuan. The AFN NYC is a key component of the AFN, representing First Nations youth across the country and advocating for issues that impact them on a daily basis. AFN NYC creates and promotes opportunities for youth to engage on important issues such as languages, life promotion, healthy lifestyles, culture and education. The AFN NYC reports to the AFN as an advisory body on all issues from a youth perspective.

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