“Honouring Promises: 2019 Federal Election Priorities for First Nations and Canada” aims to frame the dialogue around First Nations priorities during the federal election campaign and set the agenda for the incoming government. It identifies the AFN’s and First Nations focus for advocacy during the campaign and through the next Parliamentary session.

“Honouring Promises: 2019 Federal Election Priorities for First Nations and Canada” builds on the agenda and progress resulting from “Closing the Gap: 2015 Federal Election Priorities for First Nations and Canada”.

The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) wants your support for action on First Nations priorities during this federal election.  Send a letter to your candidates asking them to make Honouring Promises and First Nations Priorities an Election Priority!

Honouring Promises Report


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Keep the promises you made … and make promises you keep

Promise to the Next Seven Generations: Preserving Our Natural World
Promise for Progress: Economic Priorities
Promise to Our Peoples: Infrastructure
Promises to First Nations: Water
Promise to Families: Housing

Promise to Wellbeing: Health Care
Promise to Young People: Education

Promise to Women: Respecting Gender Rights
Promise for Justice: First Nations Restorative Justice
Promise to Legal, Moral and Political Imperatives: First Nations Rights
Promise to Shared Prosperity: Equitable Funding
Honouring the Relationship
Honouring Promises: Fulfilling Promises Made

Canada was formed with the shared promises of peace, friendship and mutual respect with First Nations in the presence of all of creation. These promises, for as long as the sun shines, the rivers flow and the grass grows, are to be in effect for peoples now and for those yet unborn. The challenges now faced by First Nations peoples and by all of humanity with the declining state of our natural world were not meant to be. Think of how enriched Canada and the world can be as Canada fulfills on its original promises of peace and sharing with First Nations peoples.

National Chief Perry Bellegarde
Sid Lee2019 Federal Election