First Nations Housing and Homelessness

All First Nations members living on or away from their community have a right to shelter and must be provided with an opportunity to access safe, secure, adequate and affordable housing.

The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) Housing & Homelessness Sector seeks to support Chiefs, technicians and First Nations in advocating for improved community well-being and equality in housing and related infrastructure while also working towards closing the gap between the living conditions on First Nations and the rest of Canada. We will accomplish our mandate by engaging with the federal government in advancing transformational change in the systems that support First Nations housing and related infrastructure.

We champion First Nations in pursuit of self-determination in housing and related infrastructure and rights-based approaches and equal status in funding. First Nations fundamentally deserve safe, healthy, appropriate and affordable housing and related infrastructure that will ensure sustainability, reliability and resiliency for generations to come.

National First Nations Housing and Related Infrastructure Strategy

AFN Housing achieves its mandate through resolutions adopted by First Nations in Assembly. Each resolution guides the work and the courses of action needed to fulfill the fundamental policy changes therein in order to satisfy the needs and aspirations of First Nations.

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Technical Updates

The Assembly of First Nations Housing, Infrastructure, Water and Emergency Services sector advocates for secure, adequate housing; safe, clean and reliable drinking water; safe and quality infrastructure; and to access and support emergency management in First Nations.

The purpose of technical updates is to demonstrate what the HIWES sector has been engaged in; provide updates on the progress of substantial change in the area of concentration; to inform the public on upcoming events; and outline the next steps that need to be taken to achieve success in initiatives.

Sector Update Technical Reports - October 2020

Chiefs Committee on
Housing and Infrastructure

The Chiefs Committee on Housing and Infrastructure (CCoHI) protects and maintains the First Nations treaty rights to shelter, housing, and infrastructure. The CCoHI provides advice, guidance, and recommendations to the National Chief, Executive, and First Nations-in-Assembly on matters pertaining to housing, infrastructure, and water for First Nations living in and away from their communities. The AFN ensures that lobby and advocacy intentions guided by the CCoHI are supported and effectively implemented.

The Assembly of First Nations Housing, Infrastructure, Water and Emergency Services (HIWES) regularly convenes meetings of the CCoHI, the Regional Technicians on Housing, and the Regional Technicians on Water and Infrastructure. The CCoHI provides guidance on the implementation of housing and infrastructure resolutions as directed by First Nations in Assembly. The First Nations Regional Technicians present working experiences with Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). The Regional Technicians discuss collective action recommendations to the CCoHI, the National Chief, the Executive Committee and Regional Chiefs. HIWES and the Regional Technicians regularly brief and support the Chair, Manitoba Regional Chief, and the Co-chair, Chief of Kebaowek First Nation in Quebec, in their roles on the CCoHI.

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The AFN Housing & Homelessness Sector always seeks to receive continued input from First Nations through recommendations, forums, trade shows, and other methods.

Housing and Infrastructure Forum

The Housing and Infrastructure Forums provide delegates with information about the transformative change anticipated to First Nations housing and infrastructure with the implementation of the Strategy. The forums also enable delegates to provide important input in shaping the Strategy’s implementation plan.

First Nations Members Living away from their Communities

The National First Nations Housing and Related Infrastructure Strategy focuses not only on First Nations living on-reserve but also on members living away from their communities. Urban Indigenous organizations provide much needed housing programs and services to off-reserve Indigenous people including First Nations. AFN’s Housing & Homelessness Sector must continue to build and develop relationships and networks with Indigenous urban and rural housing service providers to ensure that First Nations living away from their communities have equal access to housing.

Resolution 27/2017


Irving Leblanc
Director, Infrastructure

Alexandra Whiteduck
Junior Policy Analyst

Bertina Lou
Policy Analyst

Christopher Barney
Executive Assistant

Daniel Gaspé
Senior Policy Advisor

Delaney Murphy
Policy Analyst

Grace Martineau
Acting Director, Housing and Homelessness

Jordan Fischer
Senior Policy Analyst

Kelly Whiteduck
Executive Assistant

Matthew George
Senior Policy Analyst

Pat Currie
Senior Policy Analyst

Susan Barnes
Finance and Administrative Coordinator

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