Relying upon the leadership and direction of two Chiefs Committees – the Advisory Committee on Climate Action and the Environment (ACE) and the National Fisheries Committee (NFC) – and with a direct focus on the advancement of Indigenous Knowledge Systems through the support of the AFN Knowledge Keepers Council, the Environment sector functions to enhance exercising First Nations’ self-determination and jurisdiction within the context of the natural environment.

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Environmental and Regulatory Reviews

In June 2016, the Government of Canada announced the review of key environmental and regulatory legislation, including the modernization of the National Energy Board (NEB), Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA), the Fisheries Act, and the Navigation Protection Act (NPA). Under the direction of the Advisory Committee on Climate Action and the Environment (ACE) and National Fisheries Committee (NFC), the Environment sector is involved in this review to engage in a focused dialogue with First Nations to substantively identify, recognize and engage the protocols, elements and processes to conduct joint legislative drafting.

Climate Change

In the face of a rapidly changing climate, First Nations have much to contribute to global climate action. First Nations’ collective knowledge, as observers, stewards, and interpreters of ecosystems, offers invaluable insight to lead and complement action on climate change. Led by the Advisory Committee on Climate Action and the Environment, the Environment sector works to support the critical role of Indigenous peoples in climate mitigation and adaptation efforts to drive an evolution towards more sustainable growth and economic development.

The Joint Committee on Climate Action (JCCA) is a joint technical committee including 10 First Nation regional representatives and representatives from federal departments, co-chaired by Dr. Tonio Sadik (Assembly of First Nations) and Matt Jones (Assistant Deputy Minister, Environment and Climate Change Canada). The JCCA’s work is mandated by Resolution 22/2017. The JCCA provides technical advice to the National Chief and Prime Minister on meaningful approaches to advance First Nations Climate Leadership. The JCCA recently released the Joint Committee on Climate Action Annual Report 2020.

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Species at Risk

The federal Species at Risk Act (SARA) provides for the legal protection of wildlife species and the conservation of biological diversity, in accordance with Canada’s commitments under the Convention on Biological Diversity. The SARA is also the only piece of federal legislation that explicitly recognizes the role of Indigenous Peoples in the administration and implementation of the Act. The Environment sector is working with officials from Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) to support the direct inclusion of First Nations interests in species protection and conservation across Canada.

Indigenous Protected and Conservation Areas

Working as part of Canada’s “Pathway to Canada Target 1” initiative, the Environment sector is seeking to support the assertion of First Nations’ protected and conservation areas whereby First Nations are able to exercise their jurisdiction over broad swaths of their territories, and to have these areas recognized in Canada and in an international context.

In addition to the major headings above, the Environment sector continues to work with First Nation representatives on a range of other issues, in partnership with both other federal departments (e.g., Health Canada, Natural Resources Canada) and a variety of academic institutions (e.g., the University of Ottawa, McGill, Dalhousie). The Environment sector is also in the process of exploring other areas of advocacy and collaboration in concert with the direction received from the Chiefs-in-Assembly and the National Fisheries Committee (NFC) and Advisory Committee on Climate Action and the Environment (ACE).

Environment Staff

Tonio Sadik

Barbara Ruby Bonspille
Operations Coordinator

Benjamin Green-Stacey
Policy Analyst

Brooke Morningstar
Administrative Assistant

Curtis Scurr
Associate Director

Graeme Reed
Senior Policy Analyst

Jamie Lavigne
National Climate Change Coordinator

Katlyn Belanger-Donovan
Junior Policy Analyst

Lili Miller
Administrative Assistant

Patricia Campeau
Senior Support

Victor Odele
Senior Policy & Research Advisor

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