Advocating for First Nations Control of First Nations Education to ensure that students actualize their inherent and Treaty right to a high quality, linguistically and culturally appropriate education.

Our Vision

  • First Nations students have the inherent and Treaty right to receive education that is in accordance with their culture, values, traditions, and languages – free from prejudice and discrimination.

  • Quality and culturally-appropriate education is a cornerstone of the preservation and vitality of First Nations societies, and of the realization of other fundamental human rights of First Nations students

  • First Nations students require special measures in order to enjoy their right to education on an equal footing with non-Indigenous students. This includes the right to equitable funding that meets their specific needs and circumstances, taking into account First Nations children’s cultural, linguistic, and geographical needs, as well as historical realities.

AFN Virtual Symposium

AFN Virtual Symposium

Reclaiming and Reimagining First Nations Education

March 3 and 4, 2021

Draft Agenda

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First Nations Control of First Nations Education

First Nations first published the concept of “Indian Control of Indian Education” in 1972. In 2010 the Chiefs-in-Assembly endorsed the updated and adapted document First Nations Control of First Nations Education as an AFN policy document.

Our Portfolios

Education Staff

Renee St. Germain
Acting Director

Arlene Lariviere
Executive Assistant

Bram Lerat
Senior Policy Analyst

Candace Linklater
Research & Policy Analyst

Dakota Edwards-Barber
Policy Analyst

Danbi Cho
Senior Research and Policy Analyst

Jarrett Laughlin
Special Advisor

Julie Williams
Senior Research and Policy Analyst

Randy Schmucker
Jr. Policy Analyst

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