Economic Partnerships

Labour Market and Human Resources Development

The Economic Partnerships Sector strategically advocates for First Nations jurisdiction in human resources, skills and employment training. The Chiefs Committee on Human Resources Development (CCHRD) provides leadership and guidance on First Nations Labour Market and Human Resources Development matters. The work is informed by technical and policy advice from the First Nations Technical Working Group (TWG) on Human Resources Development which is comprised of representatives of First Nations Labour Market Agreement holders.

The Chiefs-in-Assembly have passed numerous resolutions that mandate the AFN to advocate for and support increased First Nations access to labour market opportunities.

The current Aboriginal Employment and Training Strategy (ASETS) ends March 31, 2018. Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and Service Canada have put in place an interim agreement as of April 1, 2017 with ASETS organizations.

The AFN is pressing for a collaborative policy development process with the Government of Canada in support of a new distinct First Nations Labour Market strategy. The process provides joint input to Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) for development of a new and distinct First Nations human resource strategy.

The AFN Chiefs-in-Assembly mandated the CCHRD to work jointly with ESDC to frame a Memorandum to Cabinet policy document and national resolutions stating that:

  • CCHRD establish a distinct First Nations Strategy that is long-term and based on needs.

  • CCHRD establish a model that seeks to foster success, be inclusive, address the disadvantaged and accommodate the geographical challenges and costs of isolated, remote and northern communities.

  • Work begins toward a legislative process that will solidify the creation and funding of that strategy.

  • Work be guided by a nation-to-nation/government-to-government relationship and uphold recognition of rights, respect, co-operation and partnership.

  • Approach by the CCHRD will be based on and articulate, structural changes for an ‘arms-length’ approach from government and include the recommendation for a new First Nation labour market authority.

Under the direction of the CCHRD and input of First Nations technicians, the AFN has developed a First Nations policy paper on a new Labour Market Strategy, a Funding Formula Analysis, the development of Funding Options, and an examination of the authorities necessary to support a new distinct First Nations Labour Market Strategy.  This information has been the foundation to inform ESDC officials and incorporate into the policy document for approval by Cabinet and bringing forward a new distinct First Nations Labour Market Strategy and policy framework for 2018 and beyond.

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