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To maintain up-to-date information on First Nations Housing and Infrastructure and provide information upon request.

To ensure that First Nations are adequately represented in initiatives as they affect First Nations Housing and Infrastructure.


The Secretariat also conducts analysis on new and emerging Housing and Infrastructure policy, legislation, programs and research to determine its impact on First Nations Aboriginal and treaty right, prepare briefings for the CCoHI, provide technical advice and assistance to the CCoHI, develop recommendations and options for the CCoHI and AFN Executive, as required.


Maintains regular contact with members of the CCoHI and take directions from the Chair and Co-Chair.

Maintain regular contact with First Nations Housing & infrastructure technical personnel and regional organizations.



23.4% of First Nation adults lived in overcrowded housing. (The standard is having no more than two people per bedroom, parents should have a separate room, children aged five and older should not share with the opposite gender and unmarried household members eighteen and older should have a separate bedroom.)

Overcrowding leads to a reduced life span of a house. Increased social and health problems such as family tension and family violence.

Considerations for further support

Lobby the federal government to lift the 2% funding cap.

  • Lobby the federal government for annual standardized funding to adequately deliver safe, secure and sustainable housing on-reserve.
  • Seek support for Revolving Loan Funds and other funding programs, which have beenshown to be successful, at the community level.
  • Support establishment of housing authorities to deliver programs to First Nations.
  • Long term considerations: economic development initiative on reserve related to housing.
  • Access to Private Sector funding, Social Development Bonds.
  • First Nations owned institutions for loans and mortgages.

National First Nations Housing Strategy

All First Nations members living on or away from their community have a right to shelter and they must be provided with an opportunity to access safe, secure, adequate and affordable housing.

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A “Rights-based Approach” is the foundation of the strategy. First Nations maintain Treaty, indigenous and human rights to safe, secure homes.

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Media information and outreach, use of social media networking as a means of sharing information and creating greater awareness of First Nations housing issues.

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