Social Development

Our Vision 

“Healthy, safe and sustainable First Nations communities by way of an inclusive, holistic and culturally-based social development system that promotes First Nations control and jurisdiction.”

The key ingredients of this vision are:


  • An ongoing partnership between First Nations and the Federal/Provincial/Territorial governments to ensure a continuum of quality, culturally-relevant services, and;
  • A comprehensive, integrated social development approach that includes capacity development at the community level. 




The Assembly of First Nations (AFN), in collaboration with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC), First Nations partners, other government departments and provincial/territorial representatives, have developed a long-term and comprehensive social development policy framework.

The goal of this joint process is to meet the needs and circumstances that are specific to First Nations communities, while providing a long term vision of policy development and program direction for all departments involved in supporting First Nations social development.

The Social Development Team currently focuses on the following issues and portfolios, often in cooperation with other AFN Secretariats such as Health, Education and Economic Partnerships:

  • First Nations Child and Family Services (FNCFS) 
  • Income Assistance (IA) 
  • Assisted Living (AL) 
  • Family Violence Prevention Program (FVPP)

Assembly of First Nations