Ending Violence

Indigenous women and girls are five times more likely to experience violence than any other population in Canada and this violence tends to result in more serious harm.  Through resolution and the direction of First Nations, the AFN has been mandated to address the critical situation of violence, disappearance, and murder of First Nations women and girls.  This is an area of utmost priority for the National Chief and the AFN continues to take all avenues to pursue an Inquiry into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls and a National Action Plan to End Violence.

Families Gathering, February 26

To make sure that families have the opportunity to come together in a respectful and private setting, a closed Gathering of Families of Missing and Murdered Indigenous women and girls will be held in Ottawa on February 26.  All families and their support persons are welcome to attend this event where they will share their experiences, prepare a presentation to the National Roundtable and the Peoples’ Gathering and select ceremonial witnesses to attend each of these events. Fact Sheet

National Roundtable on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, February 27

Indigenous organizations and all 13 provinces and territories will take part in the Roundtable as will federal Ministers.

The goals identified in the framework for the Roundtable are: 

  1. To create a dialogue with all levels of government, Indigenous representatives and families to effectively address the crisis of violence against Indigenous women and girls.
  2. To identify solutions and collaborative means of moving them forward, including ongoing engagement of Indigenous peoples, families and communities, to reduce and eventually eliminate all forms of violence.

The agenda will be focused within three priority areas: prevention and awareness; community safety; policing measures and justice responses.

Each party to the roundtable has a delegation of 10 participants.  The AFN delegation has been confirmed as follows.  Provinces and Territories are also bringing leadership and family members as part of their delegations and we expect to have the full list of these next week. Draft Agenda

Peoples’ Gathering, February 27

A Peoples’ Gathering will take place at Carleton University on February 27, to provide a public venue for discussions and recommendations for action to prevent and end violence against Indigenous women and girls.  It is open to all and will be webcast.
Draft Agenda



Assembly of First Nations