AFN Water Rights Conference

on March 20, 2012

March 5, 2012

National Chief’s Opening Remarks
Our Sacred Duty to Water


  1. Water Governance – Dr. Leroy Littlebear, University of Lethbridge
  2. Water Rights – Chief Eli Mandamin, Iskatewizaagegan First Nation, Ontario
  3. The Economics of First Nation Water Rights – Clayton Leonard, MacPherson, Leslie &Tyerman LLP
  4. Piikani Nation The Old Man River is Sacred – Chief Gayle Strikes With a Gun, Piikani Nation
  5. Research and Action through Traditional Knowledge and Awareness – Greg McIvor, Southern Chiefs Organization, Manitoba
  6. Draft National Watershed Protection and Water Source Strategy Discussion – Audrey Mayes, AFN (This is the only one in English and French – others are external so no translation.)

March 6, 2012

AFN Technical Water Conference – March 6-7, 2012


  1. Water and Wastewater Infrastructure in First Nations Communities: A National Perspective – Gail Mitchell, AANDC
  2. Capacity and Training: Circuit Rider Training Program – Paul Schauerte, AANDC
  3. First Nations Food, Nutrition and Environment Study – Dr. Don Sharp, AFN
  4. Housing and Infrastructure – Moving Towards Sustainable Community Design (Atikameksheng Anishnawbek Pilot Project) – Dewey Smith, AFN
  5. Atlantic Canada Update – John G. Paul, Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs Secretariat
  6. Canada-Ontario First Nations Drinking Water Improvement Project – Joan Broussard, AANDC
  7. Innovative Technologies & Approaches: Remote Water Monitoring – Winslow Davis, First Nations (Alberta) Technical Services Advisory Group
  8. Innovative Technologies & Approaches: Engage Learning Systems – Lee Ahenakew
  9. Housing Investments in First Nation Communities – Earl Commanda, First Nations Market Housing Fund
  10. National Training Program for Community-based Drinking Water Quality Monitors – Dominique Poulin, Health Canada
  11. A Government of Canada Approach to Lifecycle Management in First Nations Communities – Kristina  Taracha (Health Canada) and Keith Mercredi (AANDC)
Angie TurnerAFN Water Rights Conference